Now Enrolling for Chinese Immersion at Walnut Hills

Walnut Hills Elementary School has a unique opportunity for students to begin developing a second language. This opportunity will continue throughout their schooling at Greenville Public Schools and may result in your child earning a college minor in Mandarin if he/she continues the program through high school.

Through our Chinese Immersion program, students learn math and Chinese culture in Mandarin and also reading and writing instruction in English. Research shows that being bilingual profoundly impacts the brain, improving cognitive flexibility, increasing attention control, increasing problem-solving skills, and being better prepared for the global community and job market. 

While many students enter this program during their kindergarten year, we have students enter the program in first grade and quickly become as proficient in Mandarin as their classmates. We do have openings available in our first-grade classrooms for the 2023-2024 school year.

If you are interested in hearing more about the program or have questions on how we would prepare your child for a successful transition into the Chinese Immersion Program, please contact Walnut Hills Principal Jen Mahar at 616-754-3688. We look forward to discussing this exciting opportunity with you!

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