1st Grade Chinese Immersion

Chinese Immersion at Greenville Public Schools is 10 years and going strong. Teachers, students, and parents share what they love about being in the immersion program.

Huan Qi, Greenville Public School's 1st-grade Elementary teacher at Walnut Hills, shares her experience as a teacher in the Chinese Immersion Program. Communication skills are essential in the classroom. Both verbal and nonverbal cues are used to connect language to the actions performed in the classroom.

Students have the opportunity to receive college credits for Western Michigan University by completing Chinese Immersion all four years in high school. "This is an incredible opportunity that you just don't find very often in the public school program." Kristen Jeffrey, GPS Parent states.

Students spend half the day in Chinese Immersion and the other half in standard classrooms.

You can learn more about Greenville Public School's Chinese Immersion Program at gpsjackets.org.