library pic

The Greenville Public Schools Library Media Centers have been buzzing with activity this fall. Already this school year, GPS students have checked out over 20,000 books! Students are learning to choose books at their reading levels that excite and inspire them and help them grow as students and as human beings.

Library/media staff have implemented a new library management system called Destiny Discover, which supports classroom instruction and provides transparency to parents on what their children are reading. More than just a system for checking in and out of books, the program provides a platform for instruction and helps organize print and digital resources all in one place.

The Lincoln Heights library, with its unique location in Kent County, has begun a monthly collaboration with Kent District Library staff. A youth librarian from the Spencer Township Library visits the school and presents optional literacy and STEM activities to students during their recess time.

Library/media staff are always developing the library collection to support curricular goals and selecting books that align with classroom lessons and standards. A continuing major project is to align and organize elementary library resources to support Benchmark reading units.