student advisory

Last week, Superintendent Roedel and Assistant Superintendent McCullough began meeting with 3rd-12th-grade student advisory councils from each building. These teams are comprised of students selected by building leadership and teachers who were chosen for their varied perspectives and leadership potential. 

Our student advisory council allows students' voices and perspectives to be heard and considered in decision-making processes. These groups help ensure that student's needs and concerns are considered when developing policies and initiatives. Also, student advisory councils promote a sense of student ownership and investment in their education and that of their peers. Additionally, having a student advisory council will help to improve communication and understanding between students, teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders and can help to foster a positive and inclusive school culture.

March conversations centered around leadership development and the skills students believed we needed to bolster to help students reach their full potential. Students were asked developmentally appropriate questions like

  • If you were to build a team of leaders, who would you select from history or locally to help you lead?

  • Who influences or controls your life, and what is the difference?

  • What skills do students need beyond academics to be successful in the classroom?

  • When a class is going well for all students, what skills are present and working for the learning community?

  • When we make a tough decision, where or from whom do we seek help?

The advisory council has been tasked with exploring these same questions with their peers until next month, when they will again meet with Mr. Roedel and Mr. McCullough to continue the conversations.