K-5 Music Program

Music Instruction

Students in grades K-5 receive music instruction on a weekly basis in 45 minute blocks.  When they enter 5th grade, they also have the opportunity to join a more formal choral and orchestral setting at the middle school.  Each elementary school has a dedicated music room which is well-equipped with various materials such as Orff instruments, recorders, and ukuleles for the students to use during their instruction.    Music is an integral part of a balanced education experience, and students are assessed in music class. Summative assessments are included in the final report card of the school year. For further questions, please feel free to reach out to your student’s music teacher. 

Baldwin Heights: Emilee Tremlin, emilee.tremlin@gpsjackets.org 616-225-1000 (x. 8510)

Cedar Crest: AJ Mayer, albert.mayer@gpsjackets.org 616-225-1000 (x. 8647)

Lincoln Heights:  Joy Behrends, joy.behrends@gpsjackets.org 616.225.1000 (x. 8828)

Walnut Hills: Skye Hayes, skye.hayes@gpsjackets.org, 616-225-1000 (x. 8779)

Unique Subject

Music is a unique subject area with its own system of knowledge, skills, vocabulary, and ways of thinking.  Our music classes consist of different experiences in the areas of singing, playing instruments, moving, listening, reading notation, improvising, composing, and analyzing.  A quality music program provides these experiences in order to develop a child’s ability to listen to music with understanding; and to create, perform, read, and write music.  Some of the concepts that we explore in music K-5 include rhythm, melody, harmony, tempo, dynamics, form, styles, music history, singing and instrumental techniques, and performing.

Elementrary Students in Holiday

Concert Students learning the Recorder