Gifted and Talented

Parent Information

Greetings to Parents.  This page includes links for parents and information that you may find helpful.  

Hoagies Gifted Education - This is a great website with many interesting links to information of interest to both students and parents.

National Association for Gifted Children - They have a great magazine for parents called: Parenting for High Potential.

The Power (and Peril) of Praise - You may be surprised to learn that praise can sometimes have negative effects. This is an interesting article with lots of food for thought.

Program Philosophy

All gifted and academically ambitious students are entitled to an equitable learning environment where they can be challenged beyond the foundations already created in classroom settings.  

The Assistant Superintendent coordinates gifted and talented programming for the school district and is happy to answer any questions related to gifted education. 

Services and Programming

K-5 teachers provide Tier 1 differentiated instruction in the classroom. Teachers access the talent development coordinator for instructional coaching and consulting as needed.  

Middle school math and language arts teachers continue to provide Tier 1 differentiated instruction in the classroom.  Curriculum extensions targeting academically ambitious learners provide opportunities for a challenging and more in-depth exploration of learning standards.  With testing and data review some students may move ahead a grade level in math.  Students who have successfully participated in math extensions may test out of Algebra 1 at the end of 8th grade which allows them to enroll in Geometry as 9th grade students.  

Academically ambitious students at the high school level have access to Honors Science and English classes beginning in 9th grade.  Entrance to these classes is based on test scores, grades, and teacher input.  Advanced Placement courses in science, social studies, math, English, and world language are available as early at 10th grade.