Pledge Signatures

The following parents have signed SADD's Parent Responsibily Pledge:

Leigh Acker
Michelle Adams
Judy Aldrich
Susan Anstett
Rebecca Barnard
Pam Beckett
Jodi Berry
Cindy Blossey
Teresa Boehm
Nanette Brown
Karen Bruin
Carrie Buckner
Mike Buckner
Misty Bull
Robin Burns
Holly Case
Angela Cedillo
DiAnn Chapin
Annette Comer
Lori Cook
Brenda Corwin
Jim Covell
Kim Covell
Renee Crosby
Linda DeVries
Steve DeVries
Diana Dillon
Kathren Donaghs
Alissa Donnelly
Kim Douglas
Linda Foote
Steve Foote
Sally Fox
Kathy Frank
Leslie Gager
Tammie Gamez
John Gates
Jeffery Gilmore
Nikki Gladding
Kristi Golke
Jose Gonzalez
Mike Gustin
Pete Haines
Ronnie Haines
Mary Hamman
Shirley Hayes
Richard Hebert
Sherri Hebert
Douglas Hinken
Tammy Hooges
Steve Hoynes
Katrina Jenkins
Brian Johansen
Bonnie Johansen
Dan Johnson
Tava Johnson
Amy Kern
Gary Kern
Candy Kerschen
Debbie Kirby
Betsy Koett
Barb Krusniak
Craig Krusniak
Brenda Ladermann
Jeff Loomis
Susan Loomis
Karen Mack
David Magirl
Lori Magirl
Jeff Marshall
Sally Marshall
Dawn Mcay
Jim McBride
Sharon McBride
Karen McDonald
Scott McDonald
Cheryl McNeal
Mitch McNeal
Bobbi McPherson
Larry Moss
Jeanie Nivison
Ric Nivison
Dawn Parrish
Charlie Patten
Velda Patten
Teri Pierson
Robin Rasmussen
Melissa Riehl
Diane Ritter
Jennifer Rogers
Shann Souders
Robert Rytlewski
Libby Scheidel
Bill Schultz
Traci Schultz
Gary Seelman
Melanie Short
Karen Skinner
Barb Steffee
Judy Stein
Anelca Stewart
Kevin Strandburg
Greta Strandburg
David Stump
Gina Stump
Mary Temerowski
Paul Temerowski
Emily Thelen
Teresa Tiganelli
Waide Tiganelli
Laurie Timm
Sherre VanDenHeuvel
Jim Vanderloan
Kathy Jo Vanderloan
James Vandrunen
Barb VanHoose
Joel VanHouten
Tracy VanKrimpin
Deb VanSloten
Rick VanSloten
Elivia Villatoro
Diane Wager
Kimberly Wall
Alicia Waters
Greg Wallin
Tracy Weadley
Canssa Weber
Diane Wilson
Robert Wilson
Christina Winright
Monica Witter
Cheryl Woodward
Deb Zachary
Jeff Zalesak

Parent Responsibility Pledge

Parent Pledge

I pledge to actively support youth, school, law enforcement and community efforts to create a healthy atmosphere in which youth use of alcohol and drugs is neither tolerated nor dismissed as the “norm.” 

I join with other parents in my community in pledging to:

• develop a clear position about drug and alcohol use and communicate it to my child. 
• not allow the illegal use of alcohol and other drugs in my home or on my property. 
• not permit parties or gatherings in my home when I am not present. 
• support school and law enforcement policies regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs. 
• acknowledge my power as a role model and act responsibly. 
• commit to being alcohol- and drug-free when chaperoning teen events. 

Guidelines for hosting teen events: 

• Be a present and visible host. 
• Encourage “by invitation only” parties. 
• Let guests who leave the party know that they may not return. 
• Call the parents of any guest possessing or appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Don’t allow anyone under the influence to go home alone. 
• Contact law enforcement if a party gets out of control.  

Guidelines for supervising teens: 

• Designate a responsible adult to supervise your teen when you are out of town or unavailable. 
• Know where your teen is and let him/her know where you are. 
• Get to know your teen’s friends and their parents. 
• Contact other parents to confirm your teen’s plans. 
• When your teen is invited to a party, contact the adult in charge to verify: 
     - the occasion, location, and hours of the event 
     - that there will be adult supervision 
     - that no alcohol or drugs will be served or allowed 
• Encourage your teen to be home on school nights except for school activities or employment. 
• Establish weekend and vacation “curfew” times with your teen. 
• Be awake (or awakened) when your teen comes home. Have a brief conversation with your teen.


**  By signing this pledge, I/we agree to have my/our name(s) posted on the school web-site and/or the school newsletter.


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