National Honor Society

Selection Criteria and Scoring

Membership in the National Honor Society at Greenville High School is open to students beginning with the first semester of their sophomore year. To become a member in the National Honor society, a student must have earned a minimal cumulative grade point average and must have demonstrated all of the qualities established by the national organization: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. Service is demonstrated through participation in both school and community activities. The selection process used at Greenville High School is given below.

Minimal Cumulative Grade Point Average

The first step in membership is to attain a cumulative grade point average of 3.30. A student’s actual cumulative GPA is awarded points by the selection committee based upon a rating scale.

Leadership and Participation in School and Community Activities

Students who are academically eligible are invited to complete an application form for membership. The application form gives students a chance to document their various activities and their level of involvement in them. All recorded activities must have signatures to validate them. Students must meet a minimum 15 hour community service requirement. This may accumulate from the start of the freshmen year. There must be documented participation in both school and community activities, and some degree of leadership must be authenticated in at least one area. Activities of a religious nature will be accepted; paid activities, however, will not be accepted since voluntary service is stipulated. Based upon these documented activities, points will be awarded on a rating scale used by the faculty selection committee.


As part of the application process, a student must receive teacher nominations and recommendations. The faculty selection committee awards points based upon a rating scale. Letters of recommendation from community organizations may also be submitted, but will not replace the required faculty evaluations.

Students who are invited to apply for National Honor Society membership will be advised about completing the application process and the scoring procedure in more detail at an informational meeting in the fall where applications are distributed.