Theatre Program

The GHS Theatre Program introduces students to the magic of live theatre.  Students participate both onstage and backstage to bring stories of comedy and drama to life, and in the process learn something about themselves as well.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted Yellow Jacket Theatre and our annual season plans for the 2020-2021 Season.  At this time we can not go into detail about the upcoming season.

In the Theatre Archive are copies of Production Posters, Programs, and Photos from past productions.

We are currently missing several programs from the archive, if you have a copy of one of the following programs, please contact Chris Chapman.

"The Glass Menagerie" 1999, GHS Spring Play
"The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe" 2000 GMS Play
"Much Ado About Nothing" 2001 GHS One Act Play
Program from 2003 "Jungle Book"

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Founded in 2012 as an alternative to "traditional" theatre, the GHS Retro Radio Show proudly performs pieces from and based on the Golden Age of Radio.

The GHS Retro Radio Show returns with a Holiday Classic, "It's a Wonderful Life!' George Bailey has so many problems he is thinking about ending it all - and it's Christmas! As the angels discuss George, we see his life in flashback. As George is about to jump from a bridge, he ends up rescuing his guardian angel, Clarence - who then shows George what his town would have looked like if it hadn't been for all his good deeds over the years.


George Bailey - Isaak Sischo

Clarence - Andrew Chapman

Mary Hatch Bailey - Ella Baty

Gower/Dr. Campbell - Cole Bozung

Uncle Billy/Carter Nicole Craddock

Horace/Tilly/Bridgekeeper - Madison Dyke

Zuzu/Mrs. Hatch/Martini - Alexandria Gilbertson

Andry Man/Janie/Mrs. Bailey - Kira Hamilton

Randall/Harry/Pinky - Hunter Harrison

Mrs. Thompson/Pop - Gabrielle Hurtubise

Ed/Pete/Bert - Lalaynah Prill

Ernie/Eustus/Worried Woman - Alize Reyes

Charlie/Sam/Welch/Announcer - Andrew Spaulding Jr.

Mr. Potter/Sheriff - Jaci Taylor

Directed by Brooke Heintz & Larry Moss



Ticket proceeds from "The Retro Radio Show" go to funding the West Michigan Theatre Festival.

Previous Retro Radio Show Productions:


2019 - "The Lost World"- Directed by Larry Moss & Brooke Heintz

2018 - "Who Goes There?" - Directed by Larry Moss & Brooke Heintz

2016 - "Sherlock Holmes & The Scandal in Bohemia" Directed by Larry Moss

2015 (Fall) - "Dracula" Directed by Larry Moss

2015 (Spring) - "Tales of the Macabre" - Directed by Larry Moss

2014 - "The Invisible Man" - Directed by Larry Moss

2013 - "Flash Gordon" - Directed by Larry Moss

2012 - "The War of the Worlds" - Directed by Larry Moss

We are looking for photos, programs and advertising fliers from any GHS or GMS production performed since the opening of the Performing Arts Center.  If you have anything we may borrow, please contact Cheryl Willard at 616-225-6109.

In the Theatre Archive Posters area, past programs from our productions are available as well as on the GHS Theatre Facebook Page.

Poster Archive

PDF Document"School House Rock LIVE! Jr." Poster
PDF Document"School House Rock LIVE! Jr." Photo Poster
PDF Document"Good Doctor" 2017
PDF Document"Good Doctor" 2017 Photo Poster
PDF Document"The Addams Family" Photo Poster
PDF Document"The Addams Family" Poster
PDF DocumentRetro Radio Show: Sherlock Holmes poster
PDF Document"Sherlock Holmes" Photo Poster
PDF DocumentGHS Plays Tradition Poster
PDF DocumentGHS Musical Tradition poster
PDF DocumentOne act play traditions poster
PDF DocumentGHS Spring Play 2016, "Almost, Maine"
PDF DocumentPhoto Publicity Poster, "Almost, Maine"
PDF DocumentWest Michigan Theatre Festival 2016 Poster
PDF DocumentGHS One Act 2016 "Defying Gravity" Cast Photo Poster
PDF DocumentGHS One Act 2016 "Defying Gravity" Production Poster
PDF DocumentLittle Shop of Horrors GHS Musical 2015 Production Poster
PDF Document"Little Shop of Horrors" poster featuring Seymour & Audrey
PDF DocumentRetro Radio Show: Dracula Production Poster
PDF Document"Tales of the Macabre" Show Poster, Ghost Cast version
PDF DocumentPerformance Poster for 2015 Retro Radio Show "Tales of the Macabre"
PDF DocumentProduction Poster for GHS Winter Play 2015, "110 Stories"
PDF DocumentPubilicity Poster for "110 Stories" featuring Alec Fowler, Jon Grube, Caleb Kellog and Kyle King as fireman.
PDF DocumentPerformance Poster for GHS Musical, 2014 "Legally Blonde:The Musical"
PDF Document"The Invisible Man" Performance Poster, 2014 Radio Show
PDF Document"The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon" Performance Poster, Winter 2014
PDF Document"Disney's High School Musical" Performance Poster, Fall 2013
PDF Document"Flash Gordon: The Retro Radio Show Returns!" Performance Poster, Spring 2013
PDF Document"Urban Legends" Performance Poster, Spring 2013
PDF Document"Cinderella: The Enchaned Edition" Performance Poster, Fall Musical 2012
PDF Document"War of the Worlds Radio Show LIVE" Performance Poster, Spring 2012
PDF Document"Little Women" Performance Poster, Winter Play 2012
PDF Document"Grease" Performance Poster, Fall Musical 2011
PDF Document"Disney's Aladdin Jr." Performance Poster, GMS Musical, Spring 2011
PDF Document"Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)" State Awards Poster, One Act 2011
PDF Document"The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)" Performance Poster, 2011 One Act
PDF Document"The Sound of Music" Performance Poster, Fall Musical 2010
PDF Document"Bleacher Bums" Performance Poster, Spring 2010
PDF DocumentNight of One Acts "Drive-In" Performance Poster, One Act 2010
PDF Document"Night of One Acts" Combo Poster, and "Actors Nightmare" Poster, One Act 2010
PDF Document"Pride & Prejudice" Performance Poster, Fall Play 2009
PDF Document"Charlotte's Web" Performance Poster, GMS Play 2009
PDF Document"Story Theatre" One Act 2009 Performance Poster
PDF Document"Guys & Dolls" Perfromance Poster, Fall Musical 2008
PDF Document"The Hobbit" Performance Poster, Spring 2008
PDF Document"Bury The Dead" State Awards Poster, One Act 2008
PDF Document"Bury The Dead" Performance Poster, One Act 2008
PDF Document"Footloose The Musical" Performance Poster, Fall 2007
PDF Document"Arsenic & Old Lace" Spring 2007 Poster
PDF Document"The Good Doctor" Performance Poster, One Act 2007
PDF Document"The Music Man" Fall Musical 2006
PDF Document"How the West was Dun" Performance Poster, 2006 GMS Play
PDF Document"Grapes of Wrath" District Awards Poster, One Act 2006
PDF Document"The Grapes of Wrath" Encore Performance Poster, One Act 2006
PDF DocumentFall 2006 "A Christmas Carol Poster"
PDF Document"Don't Drink the Water" Spring Play 2005
PDF Document"Becoming Arthur" Performance Poster, One Act 2005
PDF Document"Godspell" Performance Poster, Fall 2004
PDF Document"Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" GMS Fall 2004 Performance Poster
PDF Document"Fortress" Performance Poster, One Act 2004
PDF Document"Fortress" Tour Dates Poster, One Act 2004
PDF Document"Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" Performance Poster, Fall 2003
PDF Document"The Jungle Book" Performance Poster, GMS Play Fall 2003
PDF Document"Ducktails & Bobbsox" Performance Poster, GMS Play 2003
PDF Document"Bullshot Crummond" Regional Poster, 2003
PDF Document"You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" Performance Poster, Fall 2002
PDF Document"Brighton Beach Memoirs" Performance Poster, Spring Play 2002
PDF Document"The Diviners" One Act 2002 Performance Poster
PDF Document"Wizard of Oz" Performance Poster, Fall 2001
PDF Document"Beauty & The Beast" Performance Poster, GMS Play 2002
PDF Document"California Suite" Performance Poster, May 2001
PDF Document"Get Smart" Performance Poster, 2001 GMS Play
PDF Document"Much Ado About Nothing" 2001 One Act Performance Poster
PDF Document"Once Upon a Mattress" Performance Poster, Fall Musical 2000
PDF Document"The Mousetrap" Performance Poster, Spring 2000
PDF Document"The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe" Performance Poster, GMS Play 2000
PDF Document"Class Action/Final Dress Rehearsal" Performance Poster, 2000 One Acts
PDF Document"Bye Bye Birdie" Performance Poster, Fall Musical 1999
PDF Document"Glass Menagerie" Performance Poster, Spring Play 1999
PDF Document"Hunchback of Notre Dame" Performance Poster, Winter Play 1999
PDF Document"Annie" Performance Poster, Fall Musical 1998

Program Archive

PDF Document"School House Rock LIVE! Jr" GMS Musical 2017 Program
PDF DocumentProgram from 2017 Festival Play, "The Good Doctor."
PDF DocumentThe Addams Family Program
PDF DocumentProgram from 2016 Retro Radio Show "Sherlock Holmes"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2016 GHS Play "Almost, Maine."
PDF DocumentWest Michigan Theatre Festival 2016 Program
PDF DocumentGHS One Act 2016 "Defying Gravity" Program
PDF DocumentProgram from 2015 GHS Musical "Little Shop of Horrors"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2015 Fall Retro Radio Show Dracula
PDF DocumentProgram from 2015 GHS Retro Radio Show, "Tales of the Macabre"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2015 GHS Winter Play, "110 Stories."
PDF DocumentProgram from 2014 GHS Musical, "Legally Blonde: The Musical."
PDF DocumentProgram from 2014 Retro Radio Show, "The Invisible Man."
PDF DocumentProgram from 2014 Winter Play, "The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon."
PDF DocumentProgram from 2013 Fall Musical, "Disney's High School Musical."
PDF DocumentProgram from 2013 "Flash Gordon: The Retro Radio Show Returns"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2013 "Urban Legends"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2012 Fall Musical, "Cinderella: The Enchanted Edition"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2012 Retro Radio Show, "The War of the Worlds."
PDF DocumentProgram from 2012 "Little Women"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2011 Fall Musical, "Grease"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2011 GMS Musical, "Disney's Aladdin Jr."
PDF DocumentProgram from 2011 One Act, "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)
PDF DocumentProgram from 2010 Musical, "The Sound of Music"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2010 Spring Play, "Bleacher Bums"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2010 One Acts, "Actors Nightmare" & "Drive-In"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2009 Fall Play, "Pride & Prejudice"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2009 GMS Play, "Charlotte's Web"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2009 "Story Theatre"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2008 Musical, "Guys & Dolls"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2008 GHS/GMS Play "The Hobbit"
PDF DocumentProgram from "Bury The Dead", 2008 One Act
PDF DocumentProgram from 2007 "Footloose, the Musical"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2007 "Arsenic & Old Lace"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2007 "The Good Doctor"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2006 "The Music Man"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2006 "How the West was Dun"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2006 "The Grapes of Wrath"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2005 "A Christmas Carol"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2005 "Don't Drink the Water"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2005 One Act "Becoming Arthur"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2004 "Godspell"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2004 "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2004 "Fortress"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2003 "Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2003 "Ducktails & Bobbysox"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2003 "Bullshot Crummond"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2002 "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2002 "Brighton Beach Memoirs"
PDF DocumentProgram from "Beauty & The Beast", 2002 GMS Play
PDF DocumentProgram from 2002 One Act Play "The Diveners"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2001 "The Wizard of Oz"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2001 "California Suite"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2001 GMS Play, "Get Smart"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2000 "Once Upon a Mattress"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2000 "The Mousetrap"
PDF DocumentProgram from 2000 "Class Action/Final Dress Rehearsal"
PDF DocumentProgram from 1999 "Bye Bye Birdie"
PDF DocumentProgram from 1999 "Hunchback of Notre Dame"
PDF DocumentProgram from 1998 "Annie"