Student Services - MS

Welcome to Student Services

Whether you're in need of academic advising, career planning, help with a difficult situation at home or with your peers, our counselors and school social worker are happy to help you!  ANY student may request to see a counselor during the school day.  Our goal is to help students cope with the emotional roller-coaster of being an adolescent so they have more energy to focus on their studies.

Office Hours

Hours of operation: 7:00am – 3:30 pm
Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Heather Shaw
Phone: (616) 225-1000 ext. 8362
Student Services Fax (616) 225-1031


Mrs. Aimee Long, School Counselor
7th Grade  Students (A-K) 
8th  Grade Students (All) 

Ext. 8314


Mrs. Wendy Baty, School Counselor

6th Grade Students (All) 
7th Grade  Students (L-Z) 

Ext. 8302

Ms. Hannah Schuby
School Social Worker

Ext. 8303