Job Shadow

What Is a Job Shadow

A Job shadow experience is literally spending time “in the shadow” of a person doing his or her job. It gives you a glimpse into the world of work, where you can get first-hand information about job skills and careers. By spending a few hours or a full day, a job shadow experience will help you to get a true picture of what it would be like to work in that career.

What you gain from the experience

  • · A better understanding of the job elements of a specific career choice.
  • · Make contact with a potential future employer.
  • · Determine if the career is compatible with your interests and abilities.
  • · To identify what educational choices will coincide with that career path.

Job Shadow Procedure 

Students can obtain a job shadow in one of two ways. The first way is by securing a host independently. There are forms below to help guide students in making contact with an employer(s). Once a student has scheduled a job shadowing experience, they must complete the Jacket Job Shadowing Confirmation sheet and hand it into the counseling office for approval. We ask that you turn the form in at least one week in advance. The second way is by reaching out to The Greenville Chambers of Commerce (survey link below) or Mrs. Butler to assist you in making contact with a career of interest. Contact information is listed below. 

Job Shadowing Requirements

Students are required to shadow for a minimum of two hours. Students are also required to interview their job host. The interview questions form is below. Both of these requirements are needed in order for this experience to be marked as a school related absence. A student may job shadow twice a school year.

Jacket Job Shadow Days

Juniors: February 2, 2022      Seniors: April 13, 2022

Students will be asked to secure a placement on their assigned day. Students will use the resources below to contact a profession that they have interest in. If a student needs assistance, staff will be available to help. Please contact Mrs. Butler via email for assistance. English Language Arts teachers will have reflection assignment attached to each job shadow experience.

Helpful Forms

Making Contact with a Host

GPS Job Shadow Confirmation Sheet

Job Shadow Checklist

Host Interview Form


Contact Information

Greenville High School 
616-754-3681 ext:8163

Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce

Survey link: