Job Shadow

What Is a Job Shadow

A Job shadow experience is literally spending time “in the shadow” of a person doing his or her job. It gives you a glimpse into the world of work, where you can get first-hand information about job skills and careers. By spending a few hours or a full day, a job shadow experience will help you to get a true picture of what it would be like to work in that career.

What you gain from the experience

  • · A better understanding of the job elements of a specific career choice.
  • · Make contact with a potential future employer.
  • · Determine if the career is compatible with your interests and abilities.
  • · To identify what educational choices will coincide with that career path.

How to request a Job Shadow

If you’re interested in requesting a student job shadow, please submit info to:

Choose your area of interest and leave the rest up to us! Maximum of 2 Shadows per Year

More questions:

Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce

Greenville High School 
(616) 225-1000 Ext: 8221