Jacket Depot

Greenville High School Store

Welcome to the Jacket Depot!

The Jacket Depot is committed to serving the students, parents, and faculty of Greenville Public Schools. As advanced marketing students, we are well prepared and trained to utilize inventory control, price planning, promotional advertising, and selling skills to ensure that all of our customers needs and wants are completely satisfied.


Open 10:55 a.m.- 12:25 p.m. Mon.-Fri.

For Information During Business Hours Call

(616)225-1000 ext. 8223


About Us

What is the Jacket Depot?

The Jacket Depot is a school store that is run and operated by the Marketing Two students.  This store gives students a chance to experience working in a retail store.

What does the Jacket Depot sell?

The Jacket Depot offers a wide variety of snacks and features healthy foods such as granola bars, milk, bagels, nuts, and 100% juices. We also sell P.E. uniforms and Greenville merchandise such as foam fingers, sweatshirts, t-shirts, bags, hats, and more!

When is the Jacket Depot open?

The Jacket Depot is open during both A and B lunches. It also opens for special occasions such as parent/teacher conferences and the annual open house.

Who runs the Jacket Depot?

The Jacket Depot is run by Marketing Two students that are prepared and well trained and plan on possibly pursuing a career in marketing and/or business.

Jacket Depot Managers

The Managers of the Jacket Depot

Managers of the Jacket Depot handle both administrative and human resource responsibilities.  They are hardworking and knowledgeable about all aspects of the store.  Some of their tasks include overseeing inventory, handling customer and associate concerns, and keeping the store clean and well organized.