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What We Do

In the Counseling Office we focus on three main areas to support your child.

1.  Social/Emotional Needs

2.  Academic Planning

3. College/Career Planning 

More details regarding each area can be found in the links on the right side of this page.


Academic Planning Guides

These planning guides provide information on graduation requirements, credits per academic department, course descriptions, extra curricular opportunities, and more.

Academic Planning Guide Upperclassman 2021-2022

Academic Planning Guide Freshman 2021-2022

Dual Enrollment 

(taking college classes for high school and college credit):   Dual Enrollment is an option for students who are on track to graduate on time and are interested in taking college classes while in high school. Please follow the link below if you are intersted in applying.

  • External LinkDual Enrollment Step by Step Guide on MCC web site
    Dual Enrollment guide and application information. A step by step guide for students considering taking MCC classes while at GHS.  
  • External LinkMCC Course Search
    Students interested in Dual Enrollment should look at MCC offerings for classes that interest them. Make sure the first box says Fall 2019 to get correct information. Pay attention to time and location, as students have to provide their own transportation to college classes.

Seniors only!

2021 Local Scholarships are now available! They are due by Monday, March 1st at 2:35 PM. They should be turned in to the counseling office or if you're virtual, the main office. You can check out a hard copy of the booklet from the counseling office or Ms. Shrader.

2021 Scholarship Booklet

Scholarship Application

More Scholarship Opportunities

*Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): 

Seniors can begin their FAFSA on October 1st. If you apply after March 1st, you miss out on possible aid from the State of Michigan but do still apply. You will have until June 30th to complete it.

You must file a FAFSA in order to receive any scholarships, grants, or take out loans.

External LinkFAFSA


Student Request for Recommendation Form:

Please fill out the form below when requesting a letter of recommendation from staff at GHS.

Greenville High School Request for Recommendation

Chinese Immersion - Parent Night 

Lead Counselor - Mandy Schroeder


Counseling Office



Roxanne Faber
Mandy Schroeder
Christine Wagenfuehr

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Registrar / Counseling Office

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