Student Council

Article I

Section 1: Name

The name of this organization shall be Greenville High School Student Council.

Section 2: Membership

All registered students of Greenville High School shall become members of the Student Council and are voting members of Student Council upon election to office.

Section 3: Source and Extension of Power

Since the principal is directly responsible for the welfare of the school, it is expressly understood that powers herein delegated to the Student Government of the Student Council electorate are in whole subject toe> the advice and consent of the principal or his/her designee.

Article II: Organization of the Student Government

Section 1: Form of Government

The government of Greenville High School shall be vested in the student body and a student council.

Section 2: Structure of the Student Government

 The student government shall consist of the following bodies:

            A. Student Council

            B. All other bodies designated by the Student Council

Article III: Composition of the Bodies of Student Government

Section 1: Structure of the Student Council

The Student Council shall be comprised of all student body officers and class representatives. The Executive Mayor shall be individually elected, cannot hold another office, and shall preside over all meetings.  The Vice Mayor shall preside over meetings if the Mayor is unavailable.  The Vice Mayor must also be individually elected and cannot hold another office.  

Section 2: Structure of the Student Body per Class

The class shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Head Rep as well as all representatives designated by the time of the Student Council meeting.

Section 3: Structure of the Executive Board

 The Executive Board shall consist of an Executive Mayor (who must be a senior), an Executive Vice Mayor, Executive Secretary (also Senior Class Secretary, Executive Treasurer (also Senior Class Treasurer), and Executive Historian (also Senior Class President. The underclass presidents will hold representative positions on the Executive Board.

Article IV: Powers and Duties of Student Council

Section 1: The Powers and Duties of Student Council

A. To give advice and consent to legislation for the regulation of students within the Student Body

B. To consider all financial matters relating to Student Body funds

C. To approve the spending of money by organizations at GHS by the Executive Secretary or Treasurer.

D. To approve the spending money by organizations at GHS unless said organization has a President (chairman) and/or Secretary/Treasurer.

E. To assign jurisdiction among bodies of the Student Council, in case of dispute over any responsibilities not expressly delegated to one certain body.

F. To fill all vacancies of Student Body Officers by the means stated in the election rules.

G. To interpret the meaning of the Constitution in case of dispute

H. To maintain communication between students and administration on matters concerning the general Student Body (i.e., curriculum issues, athletics, attendance, etc.)

I. All members shall have one vote on Student Council issues with the exception of the Executive Mayor, who shall only vote in the case of a tie.

Section 2: The Powers and Duties of the Student Class

A. To hold meetings when called by class advisor/president

B. To review the effectiveness of Student Council, form suggestions, and propose a course of action to be taken for improvement.

C. To discuss any concerns of the Student Body, and initiate action through the Student Council.

Section 3: The Powers and Duties of the Student Executive Board

A. To hold regular meetings

B. To discuss agenda proposed by the Student Council, Student Executive Board, or any other Student organization that will affect the Student Body

C. To make the Student Body aware of all school activities

D. To provide the Student Body with all sides of an issue.

Article V: Powers and Duties of the Members of Student Council

Section 1: Powers and Duties of the Executive Board

The powers and duties of the executive board are as follows.

A. Mayor

             1. To Preside at all Student Council Meetings

            2.  To call special meetings of the Executive Board when requested by the administration or advisor

B. Vice Mayor

            1. To preside at all Student Council meetings when the Executive Mayor is absent.

C. Executive Secretary

            1. Also Senior Class Secretary

            2. To preside over meetings when both the Mayor and Vice Mayor are absent

            3. Record and preserve minutes of all Student Council and Executive Board Meetings

            4. In charge of relaying information to all Student Council members

            5. Records attendance

D. Executive Treasurer

            1. Also Senior Class Treasurer

            2. Keeps track of all matters concerning Student Council money

            3. Works closely with the Central Service office, which handles Student Council money.

E. Executive Historian

            1. Also Senior Class President

           2. In charge of making a scrapbook so Student Council members can see what previous councils have done

Section 2: All members of the council

A. To attend all meetings of the Student Council. If they cannot attend, they must report to the advisor in advance.

B. To present his/her views as well as those of his/her constituents

C. To report to his/her constituency the details of the council meetings and to hold a class vote if required by the Council


Article VI: Student Council Elections

Section 1: Election Committee

The election committee shall consist of all outgoing (i.e. Seniors) involved in Student Council.  The shall be in charge of all Student Body elections; no person

involved with any candidate’s campaign (brother, sister, friend, etc.) may serve in the election committee.

Section 2: Powers of the Election Committee

A. To present the Student Council with election procedures for approval prior to the first notice of election dates.

B. To check the eligibility of each candidate before placing his/her name on the ballot

C. To tabulate the ballots and submit to the advisor the names of the successful candidates; this must be done immediately after the close of the polls.

Section 3: Student Body Elections

 A. Any member of the Student Body of GHS who will be enrolled the subsequent semester may campaign for Student Council office, provided they meet the standards set by the election committee.

 B. Election Procedures

            1. All candidates shall submit a signed statement to the election committee declaring their intention to run for an office and all contracts of office when specified by the election committee.

            2. All candidates who shall be placed on the final ballot will be given the opportunity to speak before an assembly of the entire student body, if possible.

            3. All newly elected officers shall serve for one term, lasting one year.  Officials can, and are encouraged to run for office during following years, provided they are not graduating.

            4. All other election procedures will be set by the Election Committee with Student Council approval on a yearly basis.

Section 4: Class Elections

 A. Qualifications

Any member of a class may campaign for a class office provided they meet standards set by the election committee.

B. Election Procedures

            1. Students shall sign-up with the election committee and complete all contracts as required.

            2. All candidates shall be given the opportunity to speak before an assembly of their class.

            3. A general election of each class shall be held when specified by the Election Committee. 

            4. All newly elected officers shall serve one term for one year.  They are encouraged to run for reelection the following years.

            5. All other rules governing the election will be submitted to the Election Committee and approved by the Student Council yearly.

Section 6: Exclusion

Any student expelled or suspended during the election time shall be denied the right to vote in the election.


Article VII: Initiative, Recall, and Removal from Office

Section I: Initiatives

On a written petition of 8 voting members of the Student Council or 50 members of the Student Body, the Student Council shall take immediate action on any matter of school interest referred by such a petition.

Section II: Recall (Student Council, Class, Executive Board)

Any officer, upon a petition of 25% of their constituents, shall be subject to a recall vote, which will be open to constituents.  Before the recall vote, the officer in question will be given an opportunity to speak before an assembly of the constituents.  A majority (51%) of the votes cast are required to remove an officer. 

Section III: Removal from Office

A.Student Body officers, upon petition of 1/3 of the Student Council shall be subject to a vote to remove them from office. B.The officer in question will be given an opportunity to speak before the Student Council. 

C. A 2/3 vote is required to remove the officer from office.

D. An out-of-school suspension automatically removes the officer from Student Council.

E. Students must maintain a GPA of 2.00 or better. Students that fail to meet that expectation will be placed on academic probation for a marking period, at which time they will be required to bring their GPA up a 2.00.  Failure to do so will result in removal from office.

F. Officers may be removed by the advisor and/or administration at any time for violations of the signed student code of conduct.

G. Not more than 5 days after an officer has been removed, a committee appointed by the Student Council must select, by interview, a person to fill the vacant office. If the Mayor is impeached, the Vice-Mayor fills the spot and every other Executive Board member slides up an office.

H. An impeached officer may not run for any other office which is part of the Student Council for that school year and the next school year.

Article VIII: By-laws

The Student Council is empowered to write all appropriate procedures and regulations necessary to carry out the letter and spirit of the constitution. 

Article IX: Amending Constitution

An amendment to the Constitution may be proposed and discussed at a regular meeting of the Student Council. A 2/3 vote is required to accept the amendment.  The proposed amendment will be presented to the faculty and administration for discussion.  The proposed announcement will be adequately publicized two weeks before the vote is held.  A 2/3 vote is required by the Student Council to carry the amendment. Upon passage, it will be added to the existing constitution. 

Article X: Ratification of the Constitution

The ratification by a majority of the Student Council in a general vote shall be sufficient for the establishment of this Constitution as the governing instrument for Greenville High School Student Council.

Parliamentary Proceduare

The Parliamentarian of the GHS Student Council is the Mayor.

  • Parliamentarian calls attention
  • Mayor calls to order (secretary begins minutes)
  • Old Business
  • Secretary’s Report (Executive Secretary reports minutes from previous meeting)
  • Treasurers Report (you don’t have to do this every time if there is no change, but definitely after big events like Home Coming- report where money is being spent and new balance)
  • Miscellaneous Old Business (Review any old event. Remember: Old Business is any business that has previously been on the meeting agenda.)
  • New Business
    • Introduce new events or ideas (Remember: all proposals or ideas to be considered at the meetings must be submitted in written format prior to the meeting and be approved for the agenda; if an item is not on the agenda, you must wait until the floor is open to propose an idea.)
  • Committee Reports (Committee chair should report the status of any and all projects the committee is handling. This is an opportunity for them to present their progress to the council and get feed back, voting, etc.)
  • Introduction of visitors or guests and other business
  • You can open the floor for discussion at this point. You should always open the floor for discussion in a case where someone presents an idea, that way if anyone has an idea about that particular topic or event they can share it or discuss it at a time when it is relevant.

A few other points to remember …

- If there is time at the end of a meeting you can offer that for committee work or class meetings, but for the most part, committees and classes should meet outside of council meetings at a time that is convenient for them and their class advisor.

- No one is to speak out of turn. It is important that order is kept during the meeting. (this is the job of the parliamentarian) If someone has an idea to share they need to wait until the floor is open for discussion and wait to be called on, then they “have the floor” This will also help prevent any arguments. If someone gets out of order, they may receive one warning from the parliamentarian, then they should be asked to leave.

- I also attached a seating chart that should help- you can definitely alter it as needed, but this should help with chatter and stuff like that!   

Greenville High School Student Council Code of Conduct


  • Members represent Greenville High School, Greenville Public Schools and GHS Student Council at all times.  Members are expected to act with courtesy and respect in all situations.
  • Members are expected to show loyalty to Greenville High School and Greenville High School Student Council.
  • Bullying, harassment, fighting, and/or hazing will result in immediate dismissal from Student Council.
  • Student Council members are expected to be role models to the entire school, and ambassadors of Greenville High School to the community.  Therefore, any of the following will not be tolerated.

Use, possession, concealment, distribution, sale, or being under the influence of:

  1. Tobacco or tobacco products in any form.
  2. Alcohol or alcoholic beverages in any form.
  3. Illegal drugs, including, but not limited to substances defined as controlled substances.
  4. Prescription drugs, or patent drugs in violation of state and/or federal laws.
  5. “Look-alike drugs”

Student Council members are not to remain at any place where any of the above is being illegally used.

  • Vandalism, theft or destruction of school property will not be tolerated.
  • It is expected that Student Council members will treat GHS administration, teachers, staff, and other students with utmost respect.
  • Any suspensions are considered grounds for immediate dismissal from the Council.
  • Greenville High School administration or the Student Council advisor can remove any student for disciplinary actions at any time.

I understand and agree to the above terms.  I understand that violations of the GHS Student Council Code of Conduct can result in an immediate dismissal from Student Council. 



_________________________________        ____________________________

Signature                                                              Position

1.  Executive Board

Executive Mayor: This position is very important to the council and requires that a member has held officer positions in the previous years.  It is highly recommended that the candidate running for Executive Mayor understands the Student Council Constitution in and out and is able to answer any questions a member might have regarding the Constitution to the council.  The Executive Mayor must have the skills to run each meeting and will show excellent leadership skills.  This position also requires meetings with the school administrators and works very closely with the student council advisor and staff members.

Executive Vice Mayor:  This position is very similar to the Mayor.  It requires an outstanding amount of student leadership to the council.  The Vice Mayor is second in command behind the Mayor and will run meetings if the Mayor is unable to do so.  A candidate running for this position is getting a sense of what the Mayor position is like and to acquire the experience of the Mayor.  The candidate running for this position is most likely to run for Mayor in the upcoming year.

Executive Secretary:  The person running for this position is also the senior class secretary.  This person is in charge of taking notes at the student council meetings and Executive Board meetings and will type minutes for the student council.  This person is also in charge of relaying information such as meeting dates, plans, making a contact list for all members, taking attendance at all meetings and holding the record on file for the whole year, organizing workers to sell dance tickets, writing thank you notes to chaperones, guiding the underclass secretaries throughout the year, and is in charge of public relations for the council.  This position requires great deal of note taking skills and phenomenal organization skills.

Executive Treasure:  The Executive Treasure is in charge of keeping track of the student council budget, informing the council of how much money we’ve spent for each event, and helps each class treasure try and balance their budget.  This position requires a great deal of time working with the secretary at the board office, who holds our money, has great organizational skills and is good with money.  This position is held by the Treasurer of the Senior Class.

Executive Historian:  This is part of the role of the Senior Class President.  This position requires keeping track of the previous year files and dates, time of events taken place sponsored by the council.

Individual Class Officers and Representatives

Class President:  The class president is in charge of arranging meetings with the class advisor, organizing events with their class, and brings monthly reports to the Executive Board.  Each class is required to have 1 meeting a month with your class officers and advisor, thus the role requires a great deal of communication with your individual class officers.  Homecoming is a major example.  The class president must have had a previous year of experience, and expertise on how to run individual class meetings.  The President of each class also serves on the Executive Board as a Representative to their class.

Vice President:  The class president description is very similar to the class president.  You must have obtained a year of student council, have great leadership skills, and will step in to run individual class meetings when the President is unable.

Class Secretary:  The Class Secretary must have obtained a previous year of student council.  The class Secretary takes notes and minutes at all the individual class meetings.  He or she is also in charge of relaying information to the Executive Secretary.  It is your responsibility of taking attendance and turning in a monthly attendance record to the Executive Secretary and a monthly set of meeting minutes.  The Class Secretary is also in charge of getting out important information to the class officers and Representatives such as meeting reminders, memos, and has a record of each member’s daily class schedule to give out the information when needed.  This position is highly recommended to a person who has outstanding organizational skills.

Class Treasurer:  The Treasurer of each class must have obtained a previous year of student council and must be very good at handling money.  The Class Treasurer works very closely with the Executive Treasurer in handling each class’s budget.  An example of this would be buying homecoming materials, keeping track of how many materials are needed and the prices.  The Class Treasurer is required to give a monthly report to their class president to share with Executive Board.

Head Representative:  The Head Representative for each class works as an advisor for the class and gets people involved.  Also, the Head Representatives are in charge of “Advising” the middle school Student Council and helps them out when ever it becomes necessary, especially when it comes time to the Freshmen elections.

Class Representatives:  Class Representatives are usually composed of new members to the student council.  They are learning how a student Government runs and what the roles and procedures are of each officer.  This position is open for anyone to run for.  This position is also open for those who ran for another position, but didn’t get the position they wanted.  The major role of this position is for the Representatives for each class to get their class involved with the student council such as promoting spirit days, and informing them of important events.