Chinese Immersion Program

Chinese Immersion

Greenville Public Schools recognizes the importance of being bi-lingual and the value of starting language learning at an early age. We are pleased to offer a proficiency based language immersion program to all interested students starting in kindergarten. 


Program points of pride include:

  • proficiency based instruction from native speaking teachers
  • regular assessment and data review in all content areas to ensure adequate progress
  • standardized test scores that meet or exceed those of non-immersion students
  • immersion summer day camp 
  • cultural celebrations including Moon Festival and Chinese New Year
  • immersion student leader development opportunities
  • extra curricular groups and clubs 
  • field trips for students and families
  • an immersion programming coordinator dedicated to supporting immersion teachers and families

Chinese at Walnut

Students in our elementary program are taught by Eastern/Western teacher teams. Our Eastern teachers are native speakers who teach Chinese language and culture along with math. Our Western teachers focus on reading and writing instruction in English. The language of instruction for science and social students varies depending on topic and grade level. 

Chinese at GMS

2020-2021 is our third year of immersion at the middle school level. Students will continue their language instruction with a native speaking teacher who will place a strong focus on reading and writing through language intensive blocks and Mandarin culture, history and media classes based on essential social studies standards. Students will expand their knowledge of Chinese culture and begin looking at careers that will allow them to use their language skills. Students will be able to continue studying Chinese throughout their middle and high school careers.

Chinese at GHS

2021-2022 is our first year of immersion at the high school level and is a dual-enrollment opportunity due to a partnership with Western Michigan University. Current GPS 8th Grade Chinese Immersion Families are invited to an informational meeting on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 6:00pm in the Greenville High School Auditorium

Program Partnerships

Greenville Public Schools is proud to partner with Michigan State University's Chinese Teacher Certification Program (CTCP) to provide Mandarin teachers for three of our immersion classrooms this year. These teachers are working towards a master's degree in education and a Michigan teaching certificate and are supported by experienced MSU field instructors and GPS instructional coaches and mentors to provide high quality teaching and learning in our immersion classrooms.

We are also pleased to announce a partnership with Western Michigan University that will allow students to begin earning college credit in Mandarin starting in 9th grade. Students who complete this program can earn up to 28 college credits at no cost during high school and graduate with a college minor in Mandarin.  

2021-2022 Program Application Files

PDF DocumentChinese Immersion Application

Greenville Public Schools Chinese Immersion Road Map      How does a child enter the Chinese Immersion Program?   Immersion Program Applications are submitted by May 15th.  Priority is given to In-District Schools-of-Choice students if spaces are limited.    K-5 at Walnut Hills Elementary School  Enrollment up to the Fall Semester of 1st Grade.  100 minutes of Math, Science, and Chinese Language Arts (CLA) taught in Mandarin. Social Studies, ELA and all special classes taught in English.   6-7th at Greenville Middle School   Year long 55 minutes Social Studies Culture and Media class instructed in Chinese. (Geography and History)  Semester long 55 minutes CLA. (extra semester CLA is optional)  Remainder core and encore classes instructed in English.   8th at Greenville Middle School  Year long 55 minutes CLA.  30 minutes WIN time everyday for reading/writing instructions.   Greenville High School  Chinese Immersion students can earn up to 28 college credits in Chinese within four years through a partnership between GPS and Western Michigan University Dual Enrollment Program  Students must meet college admission requirements to become a WMU student; there are no costs to families for college credits earned through this program.  The program is housed at Greenville High School; students do not have to travel to WMU’s campus.

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Please contact the Chinese Immersion Coordinator, Susan Ayres at 616.754.3688 or use the email link below. 

Susan Ayres



GPS - Chinese Immersion Newsletter

A few of our 7th grade immersion students started the GPSCI monthly Newsletter project (starting January 2021).  The content is made for ALL elementary and middle school Chinese immersion students to read. 

If you do want to allow audio files for each section, you would need to click on the link below to access the newsletter via Google Slides. Once the newsletter is opened in Google Slides, click on the auto icon for a student reading each section in Mandarin.

Google SlideDecember 2021 (Google Slides)
PDF DocumentDecember 2021

Google SlideApril 2021 (Google Slides)
PDF DocumentApril 2021

Google SlideMarch 2021 (Google Slides)
PDF DocumentMarch 2021

Google SlideFebruary 2021: Spring Festival/Special Edition (Google Slides)
PDF DocumentFebruary 2021: Spring Festival/Special Edition

Google SlideJanuary 2021 (Google Slides)
PDF DocumentJanuary 2021