Cisco Network Academy

Information technology careers are in high demand right here in West Michigan and across the state with the need for highly-trained employees increasing yearly. The state of Michigan’s Career Outlook ( forecasts about 3,000 new job opportunities each year in Michigan through 2026. These high-demand, high-tech careers support industries, businesses, health care, education, government information management, communication, security and operation. 

Greenville Public Schools is investing in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programming to meet this demand and prepare our students for skilled labor opportunities.

The growing field of IT professionals is an area in need of skilled labor. To help meet this demand, our high school has opened a Cisco Networking Academy offering two classes for students to explore career opportunities in the information technology career field. A leader in the networking and IT field, Cisco has developed the Cisco Networking Academy to deliver high-quality, industry-specific training to prepare students for highly-skilled, high-demand IT careers. GHS students who enroll in the Cisco offerings will receive high-quality learning experiences from a leading industry program.  

Current GHS Class Offerings:
  • The Intro to Networks course prepares students for Cisco’s Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) certification. GHS students will learn about and have hands-on experiences with a variety of network structures while experiencing installation, operation, troubleshooting and securing small networks. CCENT certification opens the opportunity for students to gain entry-level jobs in network support while building a solid foundation for continuing experiences in computer information technologies and support.  
  • The IT Essentials course provides students with the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of computer systems and devices through building and troubleshooting a wide variety of computer systems.  Focused on end-user devices and support, students will experience building, servicing and supporting users and devices to prepare for entry-level IT support jobs.  Both IT Essentials and Intro to Networks provide theory and hands-on learning experience in state-of-the art learning experiences simulating IT and network structures. 

The 2019-2020 school year was the first year for the Cisco Networking Academy at GHS and we had over 50 students enrolled in the first semester. As the program continues to develop, look for continued opportunities for students to develop skills in other IT high-demand fields such as programming, robotics, security and Internet of Things. Our intent is to become a local and regional leader in providing high-tech career training for high school students.

About the Instructor

Mr. Marc Nelson has been a part of the program development from its onset and is excited about the offerings currently available to GHS students as well as the future opportunities.